Other products for welding and brazing

Other products

We also manufacture:

  •  Cleaning and tinning stones 
  •  Amoniacal stones
  •  Stearin bars/tubs
  •  Welding and brazing anti-flux
  •  Neutralizers

With over 40 years experience in brazing, STTS has the wherewithal to design tailor-made brazing solutions.

Whatever the filler metal, the base metal, or the means of application are, we have the brazing solution you need

Our philosophy

  •  Design the range of welding and brazing products meeting your technical and economic needs.
  •  Supply ranges of effective products, meeting the statutory requirements and environmental quality, health and security updated standards
  •  Guarantee updated infotmation constantly, and in accordance to the law of labeling, security data sheet, transport and usage of chemical products documents

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