Manufacturing and conditioning of fluxes with customer's brand

Keen to proactively resolve any problems originating in current or future legislation, find answers to environmental constraints applied to the chemical sector, and help you prepare the documents and dossiers required by the REACH regulation in force since June 2007, STTS has developed a broad and deep range of technical, research and production skills to manufacture soldering, brazing and welding products under private labelling, within the framework of nondisclosure agreements.

We can help you prepare your technical dossiers, manufacture and  pack the products of your range under your proper brand (powder fluxes, paste fluxes, liquid fluxes, brazing pastes, brazing powders and welding fluxes).
STTS can help filler metal and soldering/brazing materials’ manufacturers to extend their range of products at an unbeatable cost.
Packaging from tanker truck to 75 gr syringe.

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